Virginia Beach Property Management Services

We provides a full array of professional real estate property management services for your single family home, townhome, or condominium in the Virginia Beach area. Our mission is to be your real estate partner for life in addition to maintaining quality properties and a high level of tenant retention, thus creating value our clients through standardized operations, professional business philosophies, and a dedication to satisfying our clients’ needs.


  • Marketing and leasing
  • Responsive customer service
  • Receivable collections
  • Arrangement of proactive maintenance and repairs
  • Property inspections
  • Records and file maintenance


We have in place a leasing process that ensures all functions of marketing the property, reviewing applications, performing background/credit checks, and signing a lease are thorough and done in a timely manner.

  • We attract qualified tenants through advertising your rental property with maximum exposure using internet advertising on numerous web sites.
  • Our screening process includes credit checks and eviction reporting service
  • To protect both the tenant and the owner, our office uses official documents that are in compliance with Virginia’s Tenant-Landlord Laws.

Collections and Disbursement

Rental payments are aggressively collected each month, and contingencies are in place for late payments, from enforcing late fees to taking legal action. 

  • Tenants have the ability to pay by military allotment, automatic bank debit, e-check, electronic cash payment, and debit/credit card
  • Your rent proceeds will be electronically deposit into the bank account of your choosing.
  • Upon a tenant vacancy, a full accounting of the tenant’s deposit will be calculated, including amounts owed on assessed charges and any damages.
  • Recommend a vendor for any maintenance issue that may need to be addressed. Our long-standing business relationship with our approved vendors ensures a quality of work that is both fair and timely. Vendors are required to have a certificate of insurance and pay taxes.  
  • Inspections are made both before move-in and after move-out, as well as routine inspections to protect the owner’s investment. Tenants are required to submit move-in inspection forms.

Record Keeping

  • All activity regarding a rental property are documented in a central database, including accounting, rent payments, vendor invoices, maintenance/repairs, insurance, lease changes, etc.
  • Leases are continually reviewed for expiration, inspections, rental increases, and renewals.
  • End of the year IRS tax accounting statement and 1099 mailed out no later than January 31st each year.